Featured Artist: Rind-Raja Picture Company

by Dominica Malcolm

The next Bay Area Film Mixer will be featuring a music video and demo reel screening from Rind-Raja Picture Company, run by local filmmakers Roth Rind and Jay K. Raja. They kindly and jointly answered some questions about the music video and other projects they’ve worked on.

To check out the screening, head to PianoFight on Tuesday August 30th, 7-10pm. REGISTER your attendance online now for free!

Rind-Raja Picture Company
DM: Tell us a little about the inspiration behind the music video that will be featured at the upcoming Bay Area Film Mixer on August 30th.
RRPC: ‘Open Eyes’ was an evolutionary process; it started from a simple concept of doing silhouette play with dancers and grew into a much bigger visual piece as well as a very personal project for us. We wanted to do something that would show our struggle between appealing to commercial interest and expressing ourselves artistically. The visuals of the video were shaped around this idea, and we were very enamored with the pairing of the personal themes with Adara’s distinct vocals and music.

rough cut.00_02_27_13.Still010 (1).jpg

DM: You’ve worked on many different types of productions, including music videos, as mentioned above, as well as narrative film, commercials, and so on. How do you manage switching gears between productions, especially when the projects are very different?
RRPC: Every project is the same in the sense that we’re always trying to tell a story. It helps being committed to the ideal of strong storytelling because it’s such a strong guiding force in putting together a video. Even the most corporate of videos benefits from a well-told, cohesive narrative – it helps connect a video with the viewer’s emotions, whether it’s for selling cell phones or taking us on an interstellar journey.

rough cut.00_02_06_05.Still009 (1).jpg

DM: Watching Rind-Raja’s demo reel, it looks like you’ve worked on some pretty incredible locations. Tell us about one or two of the more challenging locations you’ve worked with.
RRPC: We completed a film earlier this year called Spec 9 that was just as much about car racing as it was about family. The main location was a old barn that housed a vintage race car that Jennifer, the main character, finds and ends up restoring and racing. The challenge was finding a barn that would serve all our needs, which ended up being two separate locations for interior and exterior. To top it, we required pick-ups from the interior location which was no longer available to us, so we ended up reconstructing a set on stage to match the original interior location perfectly. All in all, three separate locations shot on three separate days are cut between each other seamlessly in one scene.

rough cut.00_01_52_09.Still003.jpg

DM: Film production is such a collaborative process. How have you gone about finding talented cast and crew to work with, and what have been some of the advantages of working with Bay Area based cast and crew?
RRPC: It comes down to finding flow with other people. That feeling when you can anticipate each others’ creative needs as well as get along on a personal level, which is of course important when you’re spending 12 hours a day with someone for weeks on end. And this is only achieved with consistent work and open communication – it took us a year or so from when we started to really assemble a crew where everyone respected and liked each other, as well as worked hard and well together. Now, we have an always growing A-team that we can call upon when we have a show, and it feels like a family reunion every time. That’s something I think is really only possible in the Bay Area, where the community is smaller and so genuinely in love with filmmaking.

rough cut.00_01_28_13.Still002.jpg

Rind-Raja Picture Company Bio:
What do you see? It’s a question with seemingly infinite possibilities that we ask all of our clients and artists. What we’re looking for is the seed of inspiration that sprouts an artistic venture. Whether it’s an image, or a character, or sound, a vision starts with something that strikes a chord in our creative selves. Started in 2013 by Bay Area natives Roth Rind and Jay K. Raja, the partnership formed from a mutual pursuit of strong storytelling in motion picture. Along with a sense of humor and a mutual love for Jurassic Park, Rind-Raja has grown its network of talented collaborators and is proud to enable the visions of its clients and fellow artists.

Come watch the ‘Open Eyes’ music video, Rind-Raja’s new demo reel, and meet Roth Rind and Jay K. Raja of the Rind-Raja Picture Company in person at the Bay Area Film Mixer at PianoFight on Tuesday August 30th, 7-10pm. Let us know you’re coming by registering your attendance online now for free!

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